Ishwari Light Synergy

Ishwari Light Synergy is a healing methodology that has opened my spirit to the world and my clients.


It involves my own form of reflexology, reiki and hypnotherapy as well as my spiritual teaching throughout the years.


Combining Reiki with Reflexology in my sessions brings deep relaxation and detoxification of the physical body and the energy body where dis-ease starts.


Below are descriptions of each modality.


Feel free to contact me with questions and to book an appointment at or go to my contact page.


My Reflexology sessions are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and restoring. They reduce stress, assist the body in detoxing, improve sleep, increase circulation and upgrade the body's natural healing mechanism.


Each 45 minute Reflexology session includes Reiki. Clients benefit immensely from the profound relaxation of body and mind that they experience, as well as the detoxification and other physical benefits.

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I allow the Universal Life Force energy to flow through me directly from Source. This infinite intelligence opens the energy centers and goes wherever it is needed to bring healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


This is deeply relaxing and the recipient experiences profound peace and rest for body/mind/emotions/spirit. ​My form of Reiki healing is also applied during each of the therapies on this page.  

I am a Master of Yogin Christ Reiki. This is the energy healing technique that Jesus Christ learned from the Essenes.  Reiki is the Universal Life Force which has an intelligence of its own. I do nothing but merely allow it to flow through me. I also include Karuna and Usui Reiki during the sessions.

Reiki classes will be forming in the near future. Contact me here if you are interested in my upcoming classes, or would like more information about my sessions. 


Hypnotherapy is effective for many things including exploring past lives and losing weight.

All of my sessions allow the client to have a deep inner experience of their own healing energy and to gain clarity about how to make those choices which are healthiest for them.


Each hypnotherapy session takes a person to a deep state of relaxation in which they can reprogram their thoughts, beliefs and habits, explore and resolve the past or make any change they choose so they can walk into a satisfying future.

Alchemical Breathwork

Sessions allow people to release old emotions and thoughts that no longer serve them, creating new healthy thoughts and ways of being. Contact me for more information.

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