About Kira Davidson

I began walking my spiritual path ten years ago when I met my Spiritual Mentor, Munishwarji, who has served as a Guide for me on the Path to discover my own Inner Light.


My process of unfoldment has been an adventure full of breathtaking insights, experiences of great peace and love, dismay and confusion. I uncovered layer after layer of my fears and other dark emotions as my heart chakra opened and became more alive. I learned how to give and receive love from the source as I merged with the substance of "Reality".

During this process, I learned and practiced exercises to experience the elements within myself and to feel my own energy body.  In our Lineage, we call this process of unfoldment "Self Mastery."

As a result of my own Realization, I am drawn to share that Gift with others.


I will always treasure the memory of the profound peace, rapturous freedom and oceanic love I felt at the moment I experienced Realization of the Self.  As Jesus said, "The Kingdom of heaven is within."  Within each and every one of us is "The peace which surpasses understanding." I have received love, patience and encouragement by many Great Teachers.

In October 2013, Munishwarji gave me his blessing to share the teachings of our Lineage with the world. I now wish to share all I have learned and to assist others in unlearning those things that limit their experience of their own True Nature as boundless, limitless expressions of the One Beloved. 

My Practice

I extend this spiritual freedom to my practice so I may inspire my clients to experience their own inner light through their body, mind and spirit. (See more details on my practice.)

I do this through several modalities:

  • Reiki and energy work

  • Reflexology

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki Workshops

  • Art

My Education

  • Doctoral Degree in Hypnotherapy at American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 2000

  • B.A. in Art History from Emory University in 1981

  • Master of Yogin Christ Reiki at The Temple of Inner Self in 2008

  • Certified in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki  at the International Center for Reiki Training 

  • Certified in Reflexology with the Heal Center in Atlanta, Georgia on 2011

  • Certified by Yogi Amrit Desai in Yoga Nidra 

  • Trained in Non-Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg at the Center for
    Non-Violent Communication in Albuquerque